Barry Epling

Businessman & Entrepreneur

Barry started his career in the 90’s when he acquired a single telco switch and grew this into a telecommunications company called US Tel, Inc. which eventually went public and was listed on NASDAQ.

Barry was CEO of US Tel, and the revenue grew from the ground at $5,000/month to $44 Million per year within a 5 year period in the 90’s

During the early 2000’s, Barry switched gears and entered the nutraceutical industry.  Through his travels to emerging markets in the telecom industry, he learned about many different remedies that are not known in the United States, and he spent years experimenting with trials of different herbs and remedies.  After years of extensive tests, Barry Epling founded PrimiCell, which is a nutraceutical that increases your circulating primitive cells so that you can improve overall wellness and help to facilitate stem cell regenerative treatments.  Barry is both the inventor and founder of PrimiCell, and even private labels the brand to doctors.

Barry has a passion for entrepreneurship, and he wants to give back to the next generation of business owners through his scholarship, The Barry Epling Scholarship for Future Entrepreneurs.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Born in Northern CA
  • Lives in Las Vegas, NV
  • World Traveler
  • Served in Military Intelligence

education & Military background

  • Graduated High School in Winters, CA
  • 1 year supporting 25th infintry division in vietnam
  • 1 year advisor to the 5th ARVN division

Professional Experience

  • CEO of US Tel, Inc.
  • Founder at Calvin Processing
  • Inventor and Founder of PrimiCell

Connect with Barry Epling

Students that have additional questions about the scholarship can reach out to Barry directly though the form on the contact page.  If you are an educator who wants more information about how you can get involved with the scholarship for your school, just reach out to Barry and he will get back to you right away.


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